Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunshine Yellow Twirly Skirt

I just recently finished this one, so my little one could wear it to school before it ended (school, I mean). She really loves it! Of course that makes me feel really good, especially since there are plenty of garments that I had made for her and she never wears (even though she likes them, or so she says).

The skirt is knitted in the round, I started it on top, and increased every other row at regular intervals - I chose 7 stitches to start with - no particular reason other that it just felt right at the moment... it would probably work with any amount of stitches in between increases, depending on how big you want the skirt to be... my daughter likes her skirts very wide at the bottom...

Towards the end I got quite bored with the simple pattern and decided to add something extra, so I added a basic little lace pattern: "k2tog" 3 times then "k, yo", 3 times. After a few rows of lace I added a bit of lavender yarn, continuing the lace pattern. I ended it with a couple of purl rows, so it wouldn't turn out...

I am working on a matching top in lavender, and I'll add a bit of yellow to that one...

It will be done some day... hopefully before she grows out of this skirt....

although, of course the beauty of knitting in the round, top down is that I can always add more rows to make it longer....

Pattern for it:
Cast on provisionally, with different color yarn, 110 sts.
Work about 5 rows in rib sts, then switch to yellow.
Work 14 rows.
Fold to get the first yellow row together with the next one.
Row 15 will be worked from the first yellow row and row 15 together: *Knit one sts from first yellow row, and one sts from row 15 together*, repeat to end. Now carefully cut off the provisional cast-on, so you have double knitted ribbing where you can later put elastic in.
Join to work in the round.
Divide work for increase as follows:
*K7, PM, P1*, repeat to end of row.
Increase by K1,P1 in the same stitch in every other row at the stitch marker, just before the P stitch.
Work in this fashion until you almost reach the desired lenght.
Bottom: Stop decreasing. Start lace pattern:
*K3tog three times, then K1, YO three times*. repeat to end of row.
next row knit to the end, then repeat lace pattern every other row about 6 times, or as much as desired. Switch to lavender.
Repeat lace pattern with lavender for 6 rows.
To end:
Knit one row, then purl two more row.
Bind off by purl stitches.

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  1. The skirt turned out super cute! She looks so great in it. It's the perfect twirl skirt!