Thursday, May 7, 2009


I was reading about yarn... well, a lot of things are starting to make sense now. Like why the yarn "talks to me" (as my friend put it once), or why my old knitted baby shirts are still looking like new after 42 years, five kids, and storage...
My grandma used linen for those baby shirts, and from what I read about linen now, they probably got better with age. Living in Phoenix, I realize now that I want to use linen again. Here is the difference though: my grandma used linen because it was the cheapest, most readily available thing at the time and place she lived in - for summer clothes at least. Now, here in the States, I didn't even see linen yarn in a mainstream store like Joann's for example, and I'm sure when I find it, it won't be cheap.
Wool is another example: everyone in the old country used it for all their winter knitting projects. I used it a lot, and yes, we did have a variety, we could have it spun thick or thin, soft or not so soft, but the colors were basically the same, either white, brown or grey, all natural. I used it so much and have seen it so much, I got sick of it, and acrylic seemed way better than anything - it had more color.
Now I feel like I am turning into my grandma... I am searching for (softer varieties, true) the same yarns that she had used. I realize that it will last longer and always look better.... and of course, it's all natural, what more could you wish for?

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