Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This doll started out because I wanted to learn how to knit socks.
I found a pretty basic sock design, made it in miniature, just to see how it worked. It worked just fine, but now I ended up with a tiny sock... so I knitted another one, and decided to make a doll for my little girl.
From the two socks (they were started at the toe) I continued in a different color yarn for legs, then connected them into a bigger circle for the body. The head was a bit more challenging, I rounded it up a bit by increasing then decreasing - basically like a hat... I made the arms separately and had sewn them on later. Her eyes and mouth were sewn on from different colored yarn.
I did intend to sew hair on top of its head, but my daughter started playing with "her", and named her "Banana", I guess because of the shape... she didn't want her banana to have hair. It is kind of cute the way it is... but let me know what you think.

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