Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Empirical knitter or knitwear designer?

Getting back to this question I posed for myself recently, I decided that the difference is huge: to be a designer, you need to be able to write down what you are creating, be able to figure it out for different sizes, make sure someone else will be able to create something following your directions. And that is a lot of work!

Sometimes - most of the time, in fact, to be honest, I feel like I just want to sit down and enjoy creating something new, just creating it, not writing it down, not worrying about it in any other way... but then again, that's what I've been doing all my life with knitting, so I need another challenge. After all, I am middle aged (at least I think I am, isn't that what people over 40 are called? - please don't tell me we are "old"), I need to do something new.

So I got set-up as a designer on Ravelry... trouble is, I am slightly computer illiterate and I am having trouble connecting actual patterns to a link... If people want to see my pattern, I don't want them to go through my whole blog... who would want to do that?, but at this moment they still need to, until I figure this all out...
I think I need to spend more time on it, time that I don't really have (my three kids still need me - they are on vacation - and no one else is going to clean the house either - ok, to be honest, they do, but need the help and guidance). That was really just an excuse, I seem to be able to make time for things I enjoy, like knitting or writing, but it's quite another thing to make time for things like learning something new about computers, and how they work... To be honest though, I did learn about computers, I even learned how to program them, but that was a lifetime ago (26 years to be exact, as a dear friend of mine so graciously reminded me recently...), in high school... and we were still using punchcards (of course you wouldn't know what those are, unless you are really old and a computer programmer, but in Romania we were still using them, as I said, twenty-six years ago... they are these cards we would punch holes in, translating human language into computer language - the computer only understood two number sequences, 0 and 1, even those only if they were translated into hole sequences... well, maybe you get the concept, if not, don't worry about it, it really has absolutely nothing to do with knitting - hmmm - I wonder... if I sit here long enough, I may come up with a connection - just kidding)...

Anyway, I meant to write down another pattern, but that will have to wait now... I will figure it out, hopefully soon...

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