Friday, August 21, 2009

good news..... in the writing world

One of my children's stories, "Noise in the Night", was accepted for publication. It will be published in the December issue of Stories for Children magazine.

I wrote the story a few years ago, when my youngest child was still in the wonderful habit of napping.... then as she got older, and the other two had more issues, my writing got pushed in the background and I ignored the finished stories.... no, they were not gathering dust, since I never printed them out, they were just sitting in a file in my computer. They were waiting patiently until I had a discussion with my friend about writing, and I decided to show her my stories... she is a writer herself, I thought she would appreciate seeing them. She did. Seeing them on paper, made me think about sending them to some magazines, in case someone might think that they would be worth reading... So far this was the first one I sent out... and it will be published! It was worth sending it, if I never did, how would I have known that someone liked it? Now I have to do the same with the others and start writing again.... in my nonexistent spare time....

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