Monday, November 9, 2009

Knitcircus #8 winter edition

I got my copy of the magazine with my design in it! It is exciting to see something I created in print, know that lots of people will see it and maybe learn from it. Knitters who follow the pattern will still create something unique, something that is still just as much them as it is me, who created the pattern. It is a good feeling to give something - well, and it didn't hurt that I even got paid in the process.
The magazine looks good and has lots of great designs in it! I even found something that I will most probably knit. Yes, me, the one who has never followed a pattern before (other than my own).
It also inspired me to get more patterns ready, and come up with newer ones....
So, yes, I'm more of a knitwear designer now than a writer, and I haven't done any translation in a very long time... though this might change when I see my story in print next month....
For now I'm enjoying the knitting and designing process. I even came up with a design on paper, though I'll have to make it before I can really write it down. This is the opposite of what I'm usually doing, which is knitting something then writing down the pattern I came up with...
I also have more new yarn to play with; I love the yarn shops in this town! Jessica Knits has a great sale going on, I was there with my friend a few days ago. Unfortunately I couldn't quite finish my shopping, since my daughter called from school to pick her up; she wasn't feeling good. I still walked out of there with some beautiful yarn, probably enough for a new project - of course I'm not sure what it will be.
I finished a mini-shawl using the mohair I got from Tempe Yarn and Fiber. I used a very simple stitch, since the yarn itself was sooo wonderful! It came out great, too bad it was in the high 80s this weekend, so I couldn't wear it to Swan Lake. But I'm going to see the Nutcracker with my daughter in it, so I'll get an opportunity to wear it soon..... hopefully by December it'll be a little cooler, not 90 like tomorrow.... love the desert, but by this time I'm really done with the heat!

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  1. Hey, I finished a project too! And...with the yarn I purchased at Jessica Knits. I made a ruffled scarf that I saw on Ravelry. It looks good! Like you...waiting for some cool weather to show off my knitwear. Keep on designing!